Modern Communication vs. Traditional Communication

5 Dec

Blog Post M13


When thinking about the difference and similarities between modern communication and traditional communication, it is first important to look at what could be considered traditional communication. The two tools that I think are the most important for this category are face-to-face interactions and communication through the postal service.


I think it’s fairly obvious why these two methods have taken the backseat to newer, more modern methods. This is simply because modern communication is much faster. In such a fast-paced field, it seems like common sense that public relations people would find it more suitable to send out a quick email rather than request a meeting or wait for a letter to arrive to someone in the mail.


While this method is faster and sometimes used more frequently, it does not completely replace the forms of traditional communication. For example, a lunch meeting or interview is much more personal and could often provide more information for the practitioner. You receive more information through body-language and tone of voice in a face-to-face meeting than you would in an email.


On that same note, there are some things that simply seem better if they are received in the mail rather than on a computer. Press kits or media kits, for example, are something that a potential advertiser or company will benefit more from by holding it in their hands and being able to browse through it. This is something that wouldn’t be possible through electronics.


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